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Welcome to the www.lilies.org.uk it is maintained by Blackdown Lilies.

Blackdown Lilies are a small specialist grower of Lilies in Devon

This site is written assuming the reader is looking for information on lilies and is not a commercial site. It is a direct response to the need for information on lilies which is not available on imported bulbs and from most sellers of “bulb products”. The information given is intended to be an unbiased as possible. Where we think comments are personal opinion we put a (!) after it.  This site is still in the process of major alterations, limited by the other responsibilities we have. August 2003

Our two “org.uk” web sites are for anyone to have free unlimited access to a background about lilies, and to further sources of information. I hope you find it useful. 

www.blackdown-lilies.org.uk is to give specific information on individual varieties, it no longer has any general information which should be here at Lilies.org.uk. It does not accept orders for bulbs, this function is available at the following web site.

www.lily-bulbs.co.uk  is our “commerial” site. We hope to sell you lilies here.This site was only properly opened on 27th July 2003..

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